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Best Wooden Play Kitchens Of 2022 For Kids Of All Ages

A play kitchen is just one of those toys that every child has to have. Deciding which play kitchen is the best can be a daunting task as there are SO many wonderful options. If you have decided on a wooden kitchen, this list will help you to decide which of the best wooden play kitchens is right for you.

When I was a child, I had a plastic play kitchen. I loved it for sure, but my neighbor had a wooden play kitchen in his shed that used to belong to his children. It just sat in that shed for years and years, and I LONGED for that wooden play kitchen. I used to peak through the window and just stare at it. I used to imagine that it was mine and dream up elaborate play scenarios.

There was simply something about it that was much more alluring than my plastic kitchen. Maybe it was simply the fact that it wasn’t mine, or maybe I loved that it looked so realistic. I don’t remember exactly why I loved that wooden kitchen, but I know that I did.

Let’s take a look at why wood might be the best option for you, and then we’ll look at the best wooden options.

Wooden Vs Plastic Play Kitchens

If you’re just starting out the research process, you might be wondering which type of play kitchen is right for you and your family. In all honesty, it’s up to you and your personal preference. There is not one play kitchen that is right for everyone.


Depending upon what you buy, this is a toss-up. Plastic doors can break off of a plastic kitchen. On the other hand, wooden kitchens are typically made of MDF (unless you are looking at a high-end wooden play kitchen). This wood can chip and if your children play with real water in the sink, you’ll want to make sure that you get a wooden option with a removable sink.

Encouraging Imaginative Play

Most plastic play kitchens have sounds and lights and electronic features. While there are a few wooden options on this list that do also, purchasing a wooden kitchen is going to encourage your children to use their imagination instead of having an electronic do it for them.

On the other hand, if you would like some interactive features, many parents add battery-operated touch lights to their children’s play kitchens to give them some lighting. You can add them under the cabinets, in the fridge or in the oven. There are also a few wooden play kitchens on this list that also include interactive features, lights and sounds.


This one was a big deciding factor for me. If you would like to keep your child’s play kitchen in a main area of your house (such as the kitchen), you will want to go with a wooden option. It looks much more realistic and is easier to match your decor.

These wooden kitchens also don’t come with stickers that you have to apply perfectly. Stickers on plastic toys typically make the toy look cheaply made. These wooden kitchens have painted on features instead, which are much more pleasing.


Some kitchens, such as kitchens made by Teamson Kids are made using green-engineered wood and non-toxic paints.

Resell Value

Wooden play kitchens are much more classic-looking and therefore will maintain a high resell value. Plastic play kitchens tend to become outdated quickly.

Storage Space

One of my biggest pet peeves with the plastic toy kitchen that we had previously was that there was NO room to store foods and utensils. Wooden kitchens tend to have much more storage space than plastic kitchens in order to hold all of your play kitchen foods, accessories and utensils.


Unless you are buying a high-end wooden play kitchen, plastic and wooden play kitchen prices are very comparable. You shouldn’t think that buying wood is going to necessarily be more expensive.

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Best Wooden Play Kitchens

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KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

This kitchen is perfect for: The family looking for a smaller kitchen for a smaller space or a younger toddler. This kitchen is also perfect if you’re on a tight budget, as it is an inexpensive option.

Don’t you love the look of this vintage kitchen? I think the best feature of this kitchen is its appearance. It is quite possibly the cutest kitchen on this list.

Its vintage features will have you thinking that you’re back in your grandmother’s kitchen. This smaller play kitchen is perfect for the youngest toddlers who love to cook. However be aware that you will likely have to upgrade to a larger kitchen later as your child grows.

The fact that this kitchen is one of the most inexpensive wooden kitchens that you can buy makes this fact a little easier to love. Once your toddler grows, you’ll be able to sell this kitchen easily for a great price and upgrade to a bigger, more appropriate-sized kitchen.

Product Dimensions: 33″L x 13″W x 35.70H. The counter height is 18 inches.

Notable Features

  • includes a removable sink
  • adorable vintage cordless phone
  • oven knobs that click and turn
  • oven drawer slides in and out
  • movable turntable in the microwave
  • pretend ice machine on the door
  • very sturdy
  • inexpensive


  • does not include any cooking accessories
  • does not light up or make sounds (you might consider this a pro!)
  • made of MDF and certain parts are made of plastic (phone, microwave and oven windows, and handles)
  • time-consuming assembly (on average will take about 3 hours to assemble)
  • this kitchen is one of the shortest on the list and is most appropriate for toddlers

4.0 stars, 102.00

This kitchen is also available in both pink and blue.

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KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

Perfect for: Families looking for a gender-neutral, inexpensive, larger option.

For a more modern, gender-neutral option, the KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen is a great kitchen. I love the little details, such as a chalkboard on the freezer and a side towel bar.

Materials: MDF, solid wood and plastic.

Product Dimensions: 42.5 x 17.1 x 41 inches. The countertop height is 22 inches.

Notable Features

  • doorknobs that click and turn
  • plastic sink is removable
  • cordless phone
  • chalkboard on the freezer door
  • paper towel holder
  • pegs for hanging accessories
  • oven drawer that slides in and out
  • microwave turntable
  • removable shelving in the fridge
  • a faucet handle that turns


  • accessories are not included
  • assembly will likely take at least 3 hours

Also comes in pastel.

4.4 stars, 127.37

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Melissa And Doug Chef Toy Kitchen

Perfect for: Families who appreciate a money-back guarantee and unique kitchen features.

Knowing that this kitchen comes from the well-loved toy brand Melissa And Doug definitely means something. Melissa And Doug is a fantastic company created by a husband and wife, and they offer a 100% happiness guarantee on this product.

This kitchen has a lot of fun features for the price, which make this one stand out from some of its competitors, including a working ice dispenser, reusable grocery list, a sizable height and fairly quick assembly.

Product Dimensions: 39″ x 43.25″ x 15.5″

Materials: MDF and plastic

Notable Features

  • working ice dispenser
  • movable hooks
  • microwave turntable that spins
  • the sink handle turns and the faucet swivels
  • comes with a reusable grocery checklist
  • assembly is quicker with this model, and will take you approximately 1 hour
  • one of the tallest play kitchens you can buy


  • the sink is not removable
  • does not come with cooking accessories

4.4 stars, 141 dollars

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KidKraft Retro Kitchen And Refrigerator

Perfect for: Families with limited space.

Unlike most play kitchens, this model features a separate kitchen and refrigerator instead of an all-in-one design, which makes it appear more realistic and versatile. It’s a more compact play kitchen which is perfect for smaller spaces.

Product Materials: composite wood and plastic

Product Dimensions:Stove: 25.87″L x 13.75″W x 26.25″H Fridge: 12.37”L x 14”W x 30.75”H- counter height- 21 inches

Notable Features

  • a removable sink
  • movable, clickable oven knobs and sink handles
  • a fridge that is separate from the actual kitchen


  • does not come with cooking accessories
  • expect assembly to take approximately 2-3 hours
  • does not have any counter space
  • this kitchen is the shortest on the list

4.3, 153

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Pottery Barn Kids Retro Kitchen Collection

Perfect for: Families who are looking for the highest-quality play kitchen for their child.

Of course Pottery Barn Kids has a fantastic reputation of creating quality, durable products, and their play kitchen collection is no different. It’s beautiful, versatile and unique. The separate pieces of this set can be purchased separately as well which can help to disperse the cost.

The retro kitchen collection comes in 3 separate pieces.

  • The sink has under the sink storage and open side storage. It also has a towel bar.
  • The separate oven and stove has two towel holders and a ticking timer.
  • The refrigerator and freezer have a shelf and faux thermometer.

The entire kitchen set is EXTREMELY realistic looking. It’s seriously gawk-worthy. It’s basically a smaller version of a real-life retro kitchen will all of the modern amenities that you could ever want. The three pieces can be purchased separately or all together, and are sealed with lacquer in order to resist moisture and chipping. There are also other optional pieces to the set, including a washer and dryer.

Product Materials: MDF, metal and plastic

Product Dimensions:

  • Oven: 22″ wide x 18″ deep x 32″ high
  • Refrigerator: 19.25″ wide x 14.75″ deep x 36.25″ high
  • Sink: 24″ wide x 15.5″ deep x 26″ high

Notable Features

  • this kitchen set features a TON of storage
  • the kitchen is divided into three sections, all of which can be purchased separately
  • most realistic looking
  • most moisture and chip-resistant option
  • most durable and well-made


  • this play kitchen is the priciest on this list

All three- $699

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KidKraft Farm To Table Kitchen Set

Perfect for: Families looking for an inexpensive play kitchen with all the features.

There is something about this kitchen that is so alluring. It’s definitely the most unique looking play kitchen that is available. It looks like a kitchen that you would see on a Food Network cooking show.

I love that it has more than enough storage and counter space, and that it comes with accessories (it’s the only one on this list that does). It also has a lot of fun interactive features like a cooktop and sink that lights up and makes sounds.

The included accessories are three chop-able carrots, three beets, a cutting board and pretend knife, two collapsible fabric storage bins, two containers for an herb garden, three ice cubes, one pot, one pan and one spatula.

It is also one of the tallest play kitchens that you can buy and it is the highest rated play kitchen by Amazon reviewers.

Product Dimensions:44.2″ L x 13.6″ W x 43″H. The counter height is 22.5 inches.

Notable Features

  • cooktop lights up and makes sounds
  • comes with an 18-piece food and accessory set (pots, food and a cutting board)
  • the sink features a light and running water sounds
  • includes a large chalkboard
  • the oven shelf slides out
  • assembly will take approximately an hour, and there is also an app available which makes assembly much simpler and includes audio, visual and interactive instructions
  • ample counter space
  • this is one of the tallest play kitchens that you can buy


  • the sink is not removable for kids who like to have authentic water play
  • does not include chalk for the chalkboard
  • the oven door does not pull down, it opens to the side like a cabinet

4.6 stars, $164

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KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen

Perfect for: A child who would love a more realistic looking kitchen with a washer included.

The KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen maximizes playability with the addition of a washer. While this might seem weird to you, I can guarantee that it won’t be weird to your child. She will simply love the additional play option. This corner kitchen has sounds, lights and plenty of counter and storage space for ultimate kitchen fun.

Product Dimensions– 32.7 x 42.4 x 36.5 inches

Notable Features

  • a movable faucet and handles
  • an ice maker that makes sounds and lights up
  • knobs that click and turn
  • stove burners that light up and make sounds
  • includes a washer
  • ample counter space


  • does not include any accessories
  • assembly will take approximately 3 hours

This kitchen also comes in white.

170, 4.3 stars

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Our Pick

Our pick has been chosen due to ease of assembly, included features, price, rating, storage and counter space and more. We believe that this is the best wooden play kitchen available.

KidKraft Farm To Table Kitchen Set

What do you think is the best wooden play kitchen? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Best wooden play kitchens for toddler and kids