10 Letter B Activities And Crafts For Preschool

Alphabet activities are a game changer for learning with your little one!

Whenever I do a fun letter alphabet craft with either of my daughters not only are we learning together, but we actually laugh and have fun while doing it! 

These activities are a great way to practice letter recognition with your kiddos. You can also use them for lesson plans for preschool!

For this one, cut out all of the pieces and glue the wings on the left side. Then glue the stinger to the bottom and the head on the top.

Bumble Bee Letter Craft

This one will have you cut and glue the wings to the middle body part (the black line). Feel free to have your child color the wings too!

Butterfly Letter Craft

The Bunny one gives a great example of what it should look like at the end. Try using real cotton balls to glue on for the tail.

Bunny Letter Craft

The bear craft is a must especially if you are going to be reading “We‘re going on a Bear Hunt”.

Bear Letter Craft

Kids love breakfast food right?! Breakfast for dinner anyone? I feel like that’s our go to when I forgot to meal plan for a day (or if I just don’t feel like making a ”real meal”).

Breakfast Letter Craft

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