12 Reasons Your Baby Is Hungry After Breastfeeding

I see you, mama! You’re tired and haven’t gotten a break in days from your sweet new little one. It’s so fun and rewarding, but holy cow! It’s EXHAUSTING to the max!

What happens when your baby is screaming after a feeding, eating their fists, and rooting like crazy? This happened with my baby boy. He always seemed starved, even right after a feeding!

I finally found out why, but it took me a few tiresome months to get to the root cause.

During growth spurts, babies often become very fussy and want to eat more often than expected. A growth spurt can last up to a week!

Growth Spurt

Breastfeeding can be so nice because it is a way to calm your little one when they are so worked up.  However, this can also become a negative association to being comforted.

Comfort Nursing

Cluster feeding can feel like you are always feeding your baby without a break. Babies tend to want to cluster feed in the evening hours, and if that’s the case, you don’t need to be alarmed.

Cluster Feeding

This not only is incredibly painful, but also hinders them from getting adequate milk and leads to swallowing lots of air. This can cause baby to want more frequent feeds because their little tummy is hurting due to gas and they think that food will fix it.

Poor Latch

The fuller your breast, the more foremilk there is. The less full, the more hindmilk. A healthy baby needs both, but more hindmilk will fill the baby up more.

Didn’t Get Enough Hindmilk

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