135 Most Beautiful Baby Quotes

There’s just something about a good quote, isn’t there? And when it comes to baby quotes, even more so.

I could spend hours scouring the Internet for the perfect ones that will express exactly what I want to say when I somehow can’t find the right words to say it.

That’s what I’ve done here. There are so many beautiful, heartwarming quotes about babies out there, but you have to really look to find them.

The unborn baby is created in the image of God for greater things, to love and be loved. -Mother Theresa You are the best thing that I have ever waited for. -Unknown

Unborn Baby Quotes

There are hard days in motherhood. But looking at your sleeping baby reminds you why it’s all worth it. -Kara Ferwerda Pure happiness is found in nothing but in the innocent smile of a baby.

Baby Quotes For New Moms

Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I I loved you. Before you were here for an hour I knew I would do anything for you. -Maureen Hawkins My life didn’t truly begin until you were born. -Brenda Kosciuk

Quotes About Babies And Love

You are the sun to my shine, the sweet to my heart, cup to my cake, love to my life, sun to my rise, heart to my beat, sweetest little girl. -Unknown You are her everything. Imperfect but perfect to her. -Brenda Kosciuk

Baby Girl Quotes

Baby boy: be brave, be kind, be wonderfully you. -Brenda Kosciuk Tomorrow he will wake up a little bit older. Hold him today. -Brenda Kosciuk

Baby Boy Quotes

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