50 Incredibly Fun 19-Month-Old Activities

I remember having a 19-month-old very well. Independence is starting to appear big time, and your not-so-baby baby can now walk, jump, climb, and run. This, paired with independence, is tricky.

To keep your 19-month-old entertained: Include your child in your daily activities, and find time each day to get outside, do something educational, and work on developmental skills.

Including a variety of different activities in your 19-month-old’s schedule is best.

If you are cleaning, let your toddler help, too! He can: – clean the floors, the cabinets, the table, etc with a rag and bucket of water. – pull the laundry out of the washer or dryer

Indoor Activities

• Read • Do Puzzles • Color • Play With Stickers • Build A Fort • Play “Find The Object”

• Play In A Sprinkler • Go On A Nature Walk • Play With Bubbles • Paint The Windows With Shaving Cream • Play With A Ball

Outdoor Activities

• Stack Empty Tupperware Containers • Work On Potty Training • Play With Pom Poms • Wipes Box Lid Sorting

Developmental Activities

Learn About Science Put baking soda onto a cookie sheet. Give your child cups of colored vinegar and a medicine dropper.

Educational Activities

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