2 Free Printable Butterfly Craft Templates For Kids

This simple butterfly craft is easy, cute and a perfect craft. The best part about this craft is that it requires minimal supplies and almost no mess or clean up!

This beautiful butterfly craft comes with two different versions and both are super easy and so much fun!

This is a great art project to do that doesn’t take up a ton of time and only requires a glue stick, white paper, a black marker (or sharpie) and scissors!

Step #1: Print out your free template on white paper.

Printable Craft Steps

It will be much easier for kids to assemble if printed on card stock or a thicker paper than computer paper.

This is the time for your child’s creativity to shine! They get to add a fun design to their butterfly’s wings. They may want to draw stripes or polka dots or even rainbows on the wings.

Step #2: Design your butterfly

Have your child use a black marker (or a sharpie if you are a thrill seeker who isn’t scared of the word permanent) to draw black lines and designs on their butterfly wings.

Cutting can be hard and the curves around the butterfly’s body may rock your child’s world.  If they need help, help them, but try to give them a small section they can be successful at even if it’s just cutting off some of the white edges.

Step #3: Cut out all the pieces of your butterfly’s body

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