20 Super Easy Sensory Activities For 6 Month Olds

I remember right around when my son hit 6 months old and I realized that my sweet little guy was no longer an infant and tummy time was not going to cut it. He was ready for baby play!

He was starting to sit on his own and crawl and I needed something to engage him in a whole new way- enter sensory play! 

If you have a sweet little not so infant and are ready to try sensory play, I have some simple sensory experiences for you to try with your little one.

Paint With Edible Paint

It is basically letting your child paint with things they can eat and it is a perfect activity for a little one who is constantly putting their hands in their mouth.

You get a container, add some fun small toys and fill the container with jello and let it sit. Once it’s ready to go, put the container in front of your little one and let them go wild!

Jello Dig

Edible Baby Sand

There are a ton of recipes online to make this, but my favorite is putting a bunch of cheerios in a blender or food processor until you have a sand like texture and then letting their little hands explore.

This is a simple way to let your child explore temperatures and solids vs liquids (the ice will in fact melt quickly when warm little hands and mouths are on it).

Play With Ice

Another great sensory activity and maybe the easiest! This will occupy them for quite awhile and keep their little minds in awe.

Attach A Balloon To Baby’s Foot

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