30 Fun, Easy Outdoor Activities for 1-2 Year Olds

Young children love spending time outside in a natural environment. And those sunshine rays are excellent for everyone’s mental health! 

In the book Balanced and Barefoot, Angela Hascom, a pediatric occupational therapist, tells us how important outdoor play is for children and that it is necessary for a truly balanced childhood.

So let’s get into some fun creative play ideas for easy outdoor activities to do with your kiddos that will keep you busy all summer long!

Complete A Physical Activity Challenge

Get them moving to engage multiple parts of their brain all at once when they are outside.

This is one of those great activities that never gets old! And it’s best done outside anyway, so kids aren’t running into each other. Toddlers love pairing a color with an action.

Play Red Light, Green Light

Play In Water

Kids love WATER PLAY! Simply because they are having too much fun splashing around and pouring water everywhere!

Picnics with your toddler can be so fun! (Unless you have a busy toddler.) Lay out a large piece of paper (butcher paper, preferably) and color on it while you eat your lunch together.

Have A Picnic

If you don’t have flowers to water, you might consider planting some just for this activity! Kids love feeling helpful, and watering the flowers is a good “job” for them.

Water The Flowers

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