44 High Energy Toddler Activities

Having an active toddler is a great thing, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. What you need, tired mama, is some high energy toddler activities.

What your toddler needs is some toddler fun: physical activities that toddlers love that will keep them out of trouble and tire them out before bedtime rolls around.

Hands On As We Grow has an amazing, FREE 7-Day Activity Challenge. You get a new email each day for 7 days explaining a super simple, low-prep and FUN activity, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Take the 7-Day Activity Challenge

We love Twister Shapes which puts an educational twist on a smaller version of Twister, and helps your toddler to practice shapes and colors while being active.

Play an active board game

We have this foldable mattress that we bought to use when our niece comes over. It is hands-down my children’s favorite toy. It's definitely one of the best indoor climbing toys for toddlers!

Jump on the bed or couch or whatever you have

Blow Bubbles

If you don’t feel like blowing bubbles for your toddler for hours on end, make sure that you get a bubble blower that your toddler can control.

Teach The ABCs Through Active Play

Why not teach your toddler to recognize the ABCs while they’re running around the house? Incorporate letter learning into fun games like Musical Chairs, Relay Races, Kick The Can and more with these no-prep active learning activities.

Parachute Ball Game

Remember playing parachute in gym class? Even if you don’t have the real deal, you can simply use a round tablecloth, place some balls on it, and have your kids shake the parachute and run to collect the balls.

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