19 Activities For Three Month Olds: What To Do Everyday

Wondering what to do with a 3 month old baby when he’s awake? My best advice is to keep it simple.

You might feel like your baby needs more stimulation, but at 3 months old, your baby is amazed by, well, pretty much everything!

Here are the best activities for your baby. This list is full of simple things that I used to do with my daughter.

Talk to your baby whenever you can: when he’s in the sling, when you’re making dinner and he’s in the bouncer near you, when your changing his diaper, when you’re going for a walk, etc.

1. Talk To Your Baby

This is the perfect time to start. You could read to your baby from day one of his life, and in my opinion, the sooner the better. It’s such a special time to share with your baby.

2. Read To Your Baby

Just like reading and speaking, singing is another simple activity and is a great way to interact with your child and develop future language skills. These baby action songs are super engaging!

3. Sing To Your Baby

Tummy time helps to develop strong neck muscles and shoulder muscles and develops fine motor skills essential for some very big milestones (sitting up, rolling over and crawling).

4. Implement Daily Tummy Time

Put on some music (it doesn’t have to be nursery rhymes!) and start dancing around with your baby.

5. Listen To Music

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