The Alphabet Cup Game: A Fun Alphabet Activity For Toddlers

This fun alphabet activity for toddlers and preschoolers can help you get started. If they are uninterested, don’t force it on them and leave it alone. You can always try again later.

I have been creating fun activities for my kids to learn letters, and their favorites are always the ones that include gross motor skills.

Here is one alphabet activity that will get your kids up and moving (and hopefully that means a good night of sleep). Plus, you don’t need to run to the store for any materials because chances are, you already have them around the house!

Plastic Cups Sticky Notes Permanent Marker


Write one letter on the bottom of each of the plastic cups with a permanent marker. Write the same letters on the sticky notes.


Randomly place the sticky notes on the floor. Have your preschooler cover each sticky note with the plastic cup that has the corresponding letter.


Beat the Music. Play a short song in the background and have your kid race the music to see if he/she can finish matching all of the letters before the song ends.

Variations of the Alphabet Cup Game

The parent pretends to be a monster (think Godzilla) and walk around slowly, kicking over the cups that your kid has already placed on the floor on top of the sticky note.

Beat the Alphabet Monster.

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