Baby Only Wants Mom? Get These 8 Tried And True Tips!

As a mother of 3 kids who each have their own unique personality, I have experienced time and time again each child going through phases of “only wanting mom”. And let me tell you, sometimes you just want to cry.

Let’s go through some ideas of what to do to help baby develop that special bond with dad and be willing to go to other caregivers as well.

What To Do When Your Baby Only Wants Mom

You aren’t alone and your partner isn’t some crazy person who just doesn’t know how to handle babies. It happens to so many families and there are things that can be done about it.

1. Know That It’s Normal

A mom’s scent provides a strong sense of security for a baby. So having your spouse wear or hold one of your articles of clothing could be just the key to helping your child be ok with dad!

2. Have Your Partner Hold A T-Shirt Of Yours

3. Wear Baby

Contact napping is so important! Sometimes it’s the only way that my kids will ever calm down– when they are being worn.

A swing or bouncer can save you! When baby is at such a young age, it can be hard to set them down on the floor or couch and even hard to wear them sometimes.

4. Put Baby Near You In A Bouncer Or Swing

When dad gets home, have him be the one to take the baby from you. Even if he or she cries at first and doesn’t seem to like that one on one time with dad, it will benefit your child in the future.

5. Have Your Partner Be The Fun One And Don’t Overreact

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