5 Baby Shower Scavenger Hunts Guests Will Love

I made these scavenger hunts for a baby shower because when I went looking, I couldn’t find any free options.

So with a little creativity, I came up with a fun baby shower game that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

I hope that you can find a design that goes with your baby shower theme (one is just very simple and plain for this very reason)!

Playing games at a baby shower is a great way to break the ice and to enjoy the time with your friends and family members and to honor the new parents. I hope these games provide lots of laughs!

Guests will simply watch for the items listed as the day progresses, and will mark off the items throughout the day.

Generic Scavenger Hunt

It is the end of the game once the first guest has found all items on the list. There is no time limit to this version. The items listed are: something beautiful something new something old something for the baby

This scavenger hunt is a little more challenging than the first. In order to play, baby shower guests would have to listen for someone to say the following common baby-related words.

“Find Someone Who Said” Scavenger Hunt

It is sort of a twist on the game where you aren’t allowed to say the word “baby”. The first person to mark all words first wins. The words that guests will listen for are: baby belly daddy mommy sleep crib

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