Best Audiobooks For Toddlers

I recently started listening to audiobooks (because although I LOVE reading, I simply don’t have time for it with a job, a blog and two young children). I didn’t think I would like it, but I am hooked!

Which made me wonder if my kids would like them too. I set out to find the best audiobooks, specifically the best audiobooks for toddlers.

Audiobooks is better than screen time because your child has the opportunity to imagine and picture the story in their mind, and audiobooks expand your toddler’s vocabulary. The following are the BEST audiobooks for toddlers.

It was already a favorite with both of my kids. This version is read by B.J. Novak himself and is super silly. Listening length- 9 minutes

The Book With No Pictures

There really are few books that are so fun to read aloud than Dr Seuss. This collection contains 11 popular Dr Seuss stories and the audio and narration is fun and engaging. Listening length- 2 hours

The Cat And The Hat And Other Dr Seuss Favorites

The Gruffalo is a book that was written to be read aloud. The narration is AMAZING. Absolutely outstanding. I could never read this to my kids with as much excitement. Listening length- 16 minutes

The Gruffalo

It is perfect for your little Anna and Elsa fanatic. I love this because it is a total of almost 3 hours of audio (for a GREAT price), but it’s split up into 27 different stories.

Frozen Storybook Collection

It doesn’t get much sweeter than Winnie The Pooh. This dramatized audio version is a joy to listen to for toddlers, kids, and mom and dad, too! Listening length- 4 hours, 27 minutes

The Collected Stories Of Winnie The Pooh

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