The 22 Best Board Games For Toddlers (in 2023)

In my family, we love playing board games. My toddler also loves playing games, but it’s sometimes hard to find games that work for her. That’s why I decided to find the best board games for toddlers.

While some of these toddler board games are only going to be engaging for toddlers, there are others on this list that older siblings will also love.

This list comes from my family’s own experience. You won’t find any board games for toddlers on this list that are too difficult for your toddler. This list of board games for 2–5-year-olds is perfect and won’t frustrate your child.

One of the easiest board games for toddlers as well as one of the most educational games for 2 year olds at home is ThinkFun’s Roll And Play.

ThinkFun Roll and Play

Your child doesn’t have to know his left from his right, and there is no reading required. You just spin the spinner, and your toddler can see which shape and which color to find! This is a game that has some lasting power.

Twister Shapes

A game that young toddlers will enjoy, and it teaches your child about cause and effect.

Don’t Break The Ice

Players use the included “Zinger device” to dispense 2 chips at a time. Players must match up those chips to their game boards. This one is a fun one for moms and dads, too.


The object of this card game is to collect 5 queens. Meanwhile, your opponent is trying to steal your queens (with a knight card) or sleep your queen (with a sleeping potion).

Sleeping Queens

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