8 Best Organic Nipple Creams For Breastfeeding

If you are considering breastfeeding or have already started, having a nipple cream on hand at all times is priority number ONE.

I’ve compiled this list of the best organic nipple creams to help you find the perfect option for you and a safe cream for your baby.

I liked that Earth Mama’s butter wasn’t sticky, didn’t stain, was easy to apply, smelled good and contained ingredients that I could feel good about.

Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter

This is not only helpful for soothing nipples but is also great for diaper rash, baby acne, cradle cap and baby’s chapped cheeks.

Motherlove Nipple Cream

It is formulated to soothe an burning sensations, to protect and to moisturize dry, painful, cracked nipples. It has a natural, earthy scent.

Bamboobies Boob Ease Nipple Balm

Era Organics contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to treat pain and irritation. Many moms have found it to be extremely soothing.

Era Organics Mommy Balm

Weleda Nipple Balm is formulated by a group of midwives and pharmacists. The company also supports the protection of orangutans at risk for extinction through every purchase made on Amazon.

Weleda Nipple Balm

Lansinoh is a very well-known, well respected brand. They are committed to becoming “climate neutral” by the year 2030!

Lansinoh Organic Nipple Balm

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