The Best Way To Teach Alphabet Recognition

As a teacher and a mom of a 3 year old, when I think of the best way to teach alphabet recognition a few things come to mind.

These are the things that HAVE to happen in order for it to be a good experience for both parent and child. Letter recognition is the first crucial step toward connecting the letter with the sound that it makes.

And making sure that your child has a solid understanding of each letter is the first step toward reading.

Making sure that your child is surrounded by letters DAILY is going to help him naturally develop an interest in letters and words.

Surround Your Child With Letters

Last but not least, the best way to teach letter recognition is to TEACH THROUGH PLAY. At this point in your child’s life, learning should be FUN (and hopefully always will be).

Learn Through Play

Mountain Climb Place letter flashcards (or post-it notes) onto the stairs in your house. Announce a letter and have your child “climb the mountain” to that letter.

Letter Recognition Activities

Write letters on a chalkboard, easel, or dry-erase board. Give your child a spray bottle filled with water, and have your child spray the letter that you say.

Squirt The Letter

Place flashcards on the ground (face down). Choose one and keep it face down, play the hot potato song, and pass it back and forth until the song ends. Whoever has it should announce what the letter is.

Play Hot Potato

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