Birth Without An Epidural: Can You Do It?

If you’ve ever thought, for whatever reason, that you might not want to get an epidural, I’m sure your biggest concern is this: Can I make it through birth without an epidural?

I want to help YOU gain the confidence that you need to refuse the epidural because birth without medication is absolutely possible.

I'm going to talk about natural birth vs medicated birth. I’m also going to share with you the best tips to help you make it med-free.

It is the process of receiving a local anesthetic in the space around your spinal nerves of your lower back. The epidural needle is inserted between the bones of your spine.

What Is An Epidural?

You will likely have to lie in bed, alternating sides. This may cause labor to slow or stop, increasing the possibility that your doctor will give you Pitocin.

Epidural Risks

– You are able to move around freely. You may even choose to labor in a birthing tub. – You are more likely to avoid unwanted interventions, such as Pitocin or a cesarean section.

Natural Birth Benefits

– Your labor may be faster. – You’ll know when and how to push. – It’s safer for your baby.

Attend A Natural Birth Class Natural childbirth is no different. There are so many external factors that will cause you to question your ability to do this. What you need is education and empowerment.

Tips For Birth Without An Epidural

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