Fun Birthday Present Scavenger Hunt For Kids

My kids LOVE scavenger hunts. They can’t get enough. So I started creating scavenger hunts for my kids, because it was a fun, creative outlet for me.

And then I of course decided to share them with you! This birthday present scavenger hunt is the perfect way to extend the birthday present excitement beyond just a few minutes of present-opening chaos.

This is not only a great idea for adding some fun into your child’s day, it’s also a great way to make your child feel extremely special on their birthday.

Birthday Present Scavenger Hunt

There are 8 scavenger hunt riddles. The first will be given to your child and the last clue will signal the end of this birthday present treasure hunt.

– Download your instant printable PDF – Print using a color printer on card stock. This is optional but it will allow your clues to be more substantial and less likely to rip during your child’s excitement!

Scavenger Hunt Set Up

– Cut out each of your clues. – Keep your first clue to be given to your child on their birthday morning. – Hide all of the other clues (along with a gift with the last clue) in the spaces specified below.

I tried to write this clues so that at least some of them can be hidden in a variety of different locations.

Where To Hide Your Birthday Scavenger Hunt Clues

If you want to find your birthday present, read on for some clues, you might get more info, in the place that you snooze.

Clue #1

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