46 Unique Birthday Traditions For Kids

Creating memorable birthday traditions and memories for my kids is so important to me. I love to make them feel special and loved, and a birthday should feel like the most special day of the whole year!

Traditions are so fun because they will become the special moments that your child looks forward to all year long.

Ready for some creative ways to celebrate children’s birthdays? These ideas work for both young children and older children, too.

Snap A Photo Of The Birthday Boy Or Girl At Their Birth Minute

Set a timer to go off a few minutes before the time of your child’s birth. Then, get your camera ready, wake your child up if necessary, and snap a photo at the exact minute!

Each year could take up two pages of the book, and by age 18, your child will have an entire book full of years of messages and well wishes.

Use A Book As A Guest Book

Take some family photos before the birthday party, or some photos solely of the birthday child. Then, frame it will a white border and have all of the birthday guests sign the border of the picture frame.

Create A Picture Frame Guest Book

Depending upon how old your child is, make a “pancake cake” with the same amount of pancakes as years. So if your child is turning seven, you should stack 7 pancakes.

Make Birthday Pancakes

While your child is sleeping, decorate their room with streamers in their favorite color.

Wake Up To Streamers

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