Timeline of a Breastfed Baby- What To Expect From Birth To Weaning

What do you see when you envision breastfeeding? A calm breastfeeding mom and baby, gazing into each other’s eyes lovingly?

The truth is, moms go through a lot of different emotions and experiences throughout our breastfeeding journey.

While difficulties exist like latching problems, blocked ducts, figuring out when to start pumping  and mastitis, you are also dealing with normal, sometimes frustrating nursing phases.

Although colostrum is baby’s super-food, it’s your baby’s job to nurse (and nurse and nurse and nurse) in order to cause your milk to come in.

The Let There Be Milk Phase

Breastfeeding at birth and in the first few weeks is likely the toughest stage of breastfeeding. It can seem like you’re never going to make it work. But if you can make it past these first few weeks, it will become SO much easier.

If you’re in pain, make sure that your latch is good. If it is, then the pain that you’re feeling is NORMAL.

The HolyCrapThisHurts Phase

Imagine. At first, your tiny infant got about a teaspoon of colostrum a day and had to work REALLY hard to get it too. Suddenly, your mature milk is in and now your baby has a river of breast milk coming at her.

The “You’re Drowning Me” Phase

You might experience engorgement at various times throughout the first few months of breastfeeding: -when your milk comes in -when a growth spurt abruptly ends -when your baby misses a feed

The Engorgement Phase

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