22 Baby Shower Ideas On A Budget

I love throwing showers for friends! However, my husband is currently in dental school and we are a little tight on finances (which makes sense if you’re pouring $100,000 into school every year).

I have found many ways to still throw a beautiful baby shower even on a strict budget.

We’ll provide cheap baby shower ideas, and then with your personal touch and a little bit of creativity, you’ll have an amazing baby shower ready to go in no time!


A great way to go about it is to create your own using apps like Canva or even graphic design software. Next, print them out on your own printer at home or find a cheap print shop near you.

Many memorable moments can be made with a simple shower at home. The best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere AND it is completely free.

Have The Shower At Home

Choose A Free Or Inexpensive Venue

If you don’t want to do it at home but still want to keep it low-cost, then try it at your local church or a nearby park gazebo.

No need to go all out on decorations. A few balloons, party favors, and cute plates/utensils found on Amazon should do the trick.

Keep the Decor minimal

So many options for decorations can be found online. You can print out banners galore by simply searching on Pinterest!

Use Free Printables Online

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