49 Self Esteem Questions For Girls To Grow Confidence

Raising confident kids who aren’t afraid to follow their own hearts is important. It’s even more important when the child you are raising is a female.

These self esteem questions for girls that will boost her confidence can help.

The beauty of these questions is again, that you can use them to discuss deeper topics with your daughter. If her response is less than ideal, use this time to express how you believe your daughter is beautiful.

Are you beautiful?

Help your daughter celebrate what makes her different. Remind her that being different is brave and makes her extraordinary and unique.

How are you different from your classmates?

Every single child should be able to name something that she is proud of. If your daughter can’t think of anything, take some time to explore some hobbies that she could adopt.

What are you proud of?

Encourage your daughter to dream big, and let her know how you did in this arena too.

What do you dream about?

If your daughter is having trouble with this, you can start by telling her how YOU would describe her. Make sure to use positive vocabulary.

How would you describe yourself?

This is not meant to be the superpower that your daughter WANTS to have, but the superpower that she already has! Encourage her to think of the quality that makes her amazing.

What is your superpower?

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