57 Car Activities For Toddlers For A Stress-Free Trip!

Truth: A long road trip with my kids (especially my toddler) gives me major anxiety.

And they shouldn’t because I have this amazing list of great travel and car activities for toddlers.

A little preparation using these amazing ideas is going to make your family road trip SO MUCH BETTER.

Getting some new books for road trips with toddlers will definitely buy you some quiet time in the car. You could also get some from your local library.

1. Books

Water Wow books are super popular toddler road trip travel toys. Simply fill the water pen with water, and your child can “color” in the pages.

2. Melissa And Doug Water Wow Books

I would love to read to my toddler in the car, but reading makes me carsick. Read-Along Storybooks that come with a CD are actually even better for in the car.

3. Read-Along Storybooks With CD

This cell phone doesn’t even have to be working or charged. I’m not kidding, your toddler will love it and will feel like such a big deal. The key is to tell your child that it’s “her phone”.

4. An Old Cell Phone

They’re super easy for your toddler to answer because they give 2 options for your child to pick from. The sillier the better!

5. Would You Rather Questions

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