Effective 3 Year Old Sleep Schedule And Bedtime Routine

If you have a three year old and are trying to figure out the perfect 3 year old sleep schedule and bedtime routine, I feel your pain.

Three year olds are going through so much. They are strong-willed. They don’t want to miss ANYTHING.

Let’s talk about some things that you can add in to your child’s bedtime routine to encourage him to drift off easily.

It’s actually good for our bodies to go to sleep and to wake up at the same time everyday. With a set bedtime, you will ensure that your child doesn’t get overtired and that he gets enough sleep.

Start Your Routine At The Same Time EVERY DAY

The best thing about a bath is that it is a transition period. It signals to your child that bedtime is coming.

Bath time

From the bathtub and straight into your child’s pajamas. I like to dim the bedroom while my kids are in the tub too, to set the mood.


I ask my 3 year old her “question”. This is where the connection comes in. No matter how busy your day was, you can take a few quiet minutes at bedtime to connect with your child.

Connection Time

Make sure you snuggle together for this one! Consider choosing one of these favorite stories for two year olds. They work for three year olds too.

Read books

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