Contact Naps For Baby: Should You Continue Or Stop?

If you are here, I’m guessing you are wondering one of two things: Is it okay to contact nap? How can I stop contact naps?

Contact napping is pretty simple. It involves your baby sleeping in your arms, on your chest or in any way involving skin-to-skin contact.

Contact naps are good for your baby or child. They provide your child with comfort and security just like they had in the womb.

Pay attention to how your baby sleeps independently and how your baby sleeps with physical contact. I am sure that your baby naps much better with you! Don’t think of it as time wasted.

It’s the exact opposite! Think of it as bonding with your child and providing them with a safe environment.

According to Dr Sony Sherpa, the benefits of napping with contact are numerous. – can lower cortisol and therefore stress in your baby as well as yourself

Contact Napping Benefits

– lengthens naps and improves the quality of the nap (baby is more settled and relaxed) – skin-to-skin contact can aid in more successful breastfeeding

The best time to stop contact naps is when they are preventing you from being a calm, happy mom.

When To Stop Contact Naps

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