23 Best Crazy Hair Day Ideas

These crazy hairstyles will be perfect for anyone looking for some cool ideas for crazy hair day!  Some of the ideas are great last minute hairstyles, while other crazy hair ideas might take a little more time but are SO cool!

Everyone loves cereal and this cute idea does not disappoint!  Crazy hair with fruit loops is not only adorable, but the perfect wacky hair day style and is easy to do!  All you need is some fruit loops, cupcake liner, a spoon and of course fruit loops!

Just add a little hot glue to the fruit loops, glue them on to the cupcake liner and cut a hole in the middle and put it through a messy bun and you are ready to go!

Unicorns hairstyles are so much fun and a rainbow unicorn is even better! This easy hair style is so much fun and only takes a few hair accessories like a rainbow unicorn headband and some different colors of clipped in hair extensions (both super easy to find online).

What I love most about this fun idea is that it is not only super easy, but you and your kid can make it your own!  Instead of clipped in hair extensions you could add temporary hair color spray or braid your hair instead of twisting it.

My family is all about food and this cup of noodles is so much fun!  It is a great last minute hairstyle and would not take much time!

It requires only a cup of noodles cup, some chop sticks and some pony tail magic.   This hairstyle is sure to be noodles of fun!

As a teacher, I am always amazed what kids come up with for crazy hair day and this cactus is the perfect example of that!

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