41 Creative Family Halloween Costume Ideas You’ve Never Seen

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If you’re looking for some amazing, creative family Halloween costume ideas, I have a great list for you!

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Halloween is fun for kids, of course, but with these family costume ideas, the whole family can get in on the fun! So let me help you make this year an entire family affair.

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What I love so much about this family costume is how simple it is, and how sweet. As long as your child has a Mickey costume, you’ve just got to make yourself look like a tourist and you’re golden!

Mickey And Disney

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If you were thinking about dressing your baby up in a bunny Halloween costume, why not complete the look with the addition of a magician and magician’s assistant?

A Magician And A Bunny

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Can you believe that this mama was pregnant and DIYed these adorable skeleton costumes by hand cutting each bone out of felt and ironing them on?! If she can do it, then why not you?


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If my husband saw this, I know he would jump right on the family Halloween costume band wagon. And again, this is super simple because I bet you already OWN most of this stuff.

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Cops And Robbers

I really can’t get enough of the cops and robbers costume ideas. Seriously. And throw in a super cute kid, and you’ve got a recipe for the best costumes in town.

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Mary Poppins

Gosh, isn’t this ADORABLE? If you go for this idea, your pre-trick or treat preparations better include some Chim Chim Cher-ee.

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