365 Questions To Ask Your Daughter To Get To Know Her

There are so many reasons why you should want to find good questions to ask your daughter to get to know your daughter’s heart.

These questions are the perfect way to open up communication between you and your daughter.

I love these questions because there are fun, laugh-inducing questions mixed in with serious, more thought-provoking questions. This means that you will be able to discuss topics that are important without your child realizing that you are talking about serious stuff.

1. Simple questions to ask to find out what your daughter loves 2. Questions to ask to boost your daughter’s self-esteem 3. Questions that teach perseverance and never giving up

Types of questions to ask your daughter

4. Questions that will really get your daughter thinking 5. Questions that promote kindness and compassion 6. Questions that will help your daughter manage her emotions

Pick a time of day that works best for you (in my house, we do bedtime, but at the dinner table would be great also).

Not sure how to use these questions? Here’s what I suggest.

1. What is your favorite sport? 2. What sport would you like to learn to play? 3. Who is your favorite character from a TV show or movie?

Questions To Ask Your Daughter

4. What you do you love to with mom? 5. What is your biggest treasure? 6. What is the best gift? 7. What do you love doing with dad? 8. What is your favorite TV show? What is your favorite movie?

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