14 DIY Baby Halloween Costumes You Haven’t Seen

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Baby Halloween costumes might be the cutest part of Halloween! I love looking at baby costumes as we roam the neighborhoods trick or treating and no matter what a baby is dressed up as, it’s instantly adorable.

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Getting to choose your baby's Halloween costume the first few years is maybe one of the best parts of Halloween, and making a homemade costume can be so much fun! Check out these ideas and get crafting!

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The beanie is an easy DIY project with felt pieces hot glued or sewed on to look like the top of sandwich (lettuce, onion, tomato etc.).

A Subway Sub

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To turn your sweet baby into an adorable baby snail it will take gray clothes, a gray beanie, cardboard and ribbon, some paper or newspaper and a hot glue gun.

A Snail

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Grab a beanie, jeans, a plaid shirt and some suspenders and your little lumberjack will be ready for Halloween!

A Lumberjack

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This spaghetti and meatballs costume is the cutest thing and super creative!  I love how this mom made the spaghetti noodles and that most of the costume can be found in your babies closet!

Spaghetti And Meatballs

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This DIY baby Halloween costume is so colorful and creative and can be reused for dress up for years to come. It takes minimal materials and would be fun to make!

A Parrot

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All you would need to make your sweet little one into a unicorn are a pink onesie, a pink tutu, a unicorn horn headband, and some cute gold slippers. This is by far one of the sweetest little girl costumes out there!

A Unicorn

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