17 CUTEST DIY Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

Photo: @aanya.bee

DIY Halloween costumes are the best! They let you bring any costume idea to life and can lead to some really magical Halloweens.

Photo: @erinchoward

I hope you will have fun making your own costumes this year and find some inspiration for your little one in the following ideas.

Photo: @cate_andthekids

This would be the perfect sibling or friend costume and requires a little DIY magic and a whole lot of felt and a hot glue gun!

Slinky Dog

Photo: @some_assembly_required

This adorable simple costume is just that!  It requires clothes that you most likely already have, like a white shirt and yellow leggings and just a few other items.

A Chicken

Photo: @ohmygoshitskristen

Most of the DIY work will be making the mask and tail and with a little cardboard, a hot glue gun, some paint, paper, and a little creativity, you can have your little dragon running around in no time!

A Dragon

Photo: @emilylaurenross

It requires some super cute clothes and a stick on mustache and eyebrows and will bring a smile to everyone who sees your little one!

The “Grandpapi”

Photo: @livin.mivida.ale

This one is a little more on the creative side and might take some more time than others on the list, but would be such a fun one to include your whole family in.

A Piñata

Photo: @saylor.says

This DIY toddler halloween costume is a classic that is even cuter on little kids! Grab a white tutu and white leotard and attach the black eyes and mask.

A Ghost

Photo: @stayinghomesawyer

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