130 Drawing Ideas For Kids (With Free Printable)

Here you will find my comprehensive list of easy drawings and creative drawing ideas for kids of all ages!

Most of these drawing ideas include simple shapes, but others will challenge young artists to create amazing artwork with just a simple piece of paper.

I kept the printable ideas in black and white so that your child can use their creativity when coloring. The printable can definitely make drawing fun and less intimidating.

Super fun and different ways for your child to make a fun space drawing. 1. Saturn (don’t forget the ring!) 2. The Solar System 3. Earth 4. The Moon, Stars and Clouds 5. An Astronaut

Space Drawing Ideas

Your child could easily draw an entire beach scene with the following six prompts. 1. Seashells 2. A Palm Tree 3. A Beach Umbrella 4. A Beach Ball 5. Flip Flops

Easy Beach Drawing Ideas

It’s probably the topic that kids most often want to draw but also the most intimidating. 1. A Panda Bear 2. A Spotted Dog 3. A Mouse 4. A Hedgehog 5. A Sloth

Animal Drawing Ideas For Kids

If you have a transportation-obsessed child, this list is especially for you! 1. An Airplane 2. A Car 3. A Truck

Easy Transportation Drawings

Learning to draw some adorable desserts should be a great start to becoming a better artist. 1. An Ice Cream Cone 2. A Donut 3. A Cupcake 4. A Cookie with a Bite Taken out of it

Cute Desserts Drawings

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