Drawing Prompts For Kids

Do you have young artists at home that loves creative activities?  Then these creative drawing ideas are for you! Drawing is such a great way to continue to expand your child’s fine motor skills, as well as help grow their creative mind.

These silly drawing prompts are a fun way to get their creative juices flowing and give them a great starting point and source of inspiration to draw some fun and silly things!

The printable drawing prompt will come with two different lists. Your child will pick one item from each list and draw them together.

For example, your young artists might choose to draw a “zebra with rainbow stripes” from the first list and “riding a bike with five wheels” from the second list.

The best part is that there are so many possible combinations of drawings that this drawing prompt list can be used again and again!

Some fun prompts: - Draw a donut with a birthday hat - Draw a pizza surfing on a surfboard

- Draw a 3 eyed monster with a huge mustache - Draw a spider wearing a tutu - Draw a ghost going down a bubble waterslide

- Draw a monster eating a giant slice of pizza - Draw a bat doing a cartwheel

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