Extended Breastfeeding Pros And Cons- Should You Continue?

Making it to the one year breastfeeding milestone is HUGE, and now that you’re finally here, you’re wondering what’s next.

Should you continue breastfeeding and what are the extended breastfeeding pros and cons?

Benefits Of Extended Breastfeeding An 18 month old, a 2 year old, or (gasp) even a 3 year old who breastfeeds receives just as many benefits as a nursing newborn.

Toddlers are notoriously picky. There will be days when you will wonder how it is possible that your child is surviving on the minuscule amounts of food that he ingests.

It Provides Healthy Nutrition

Babies and young children get sick frequently. Breastfeeding for more time equals less chance that your child will become sick.

It Strengthens Your Child’s Immune System

The longer that you breastfeed the more your risk decreases of getting breast, endometrial and ovarian cancers.

There Are Benefits For Mom, Too!

The longer you breastfeed, the harder it will be to wean if you decide to stop.

Extended Breastfeeding Cons

While this is nice in a way (you literally don’t have to do ANYTHING), it can also be really annoying, especially the first time that it happens in public. There will be times when you just want your body to yourself.

Your child can lift up your shirt and help himself.

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