Fish Craft For Kids

This easy fish craft is so much fun, great for kids of all ages and most importantly, truly easy. That gives you more time with your child instead of running around getting supplies ready or cleaning up.

This cute fish craft comes with two optional ocean backgrounds, one that is a day setting and one with a night setting. It also comes with four different options for a fish body and fish fins.

What I love about this project is that your child gets to pick out their own fish body and fins and can mix and match the body and fins- there is no wrong combination!

– The first thing to do is gather your materials: fish template, scissors, glue stick and your child’s favorite coloring supplies

Next, have your child color the fish body and fish fins for each of the fish. I always recommend coloring before you cut out.

Once all of the fish are colored, cut out the fish body and fish fins. This step is super flexible based on your child’s abilities with scissors.

After everything is cut out, lay out all of the pieces of each fish let your child mix and match to create their perfect fish.

Lastly, have your child pick their favorite background and where they want their little fish to go.

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