33 Proven Foods That Fight Nausea During Pregnancy

If you’re here, I know you are struggling with morning sickness symptoms. Hyperemesis gravidarum, morning sickness, struggling to eat, feeling nauseous no matter what... It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

Dealing with morning sickness is definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and I’m sure you would agree.

That’s why I wanted to create the best, most comprehensive resource on the subject. To help you find at least a little bit of relief.

Getting good nutrition during pregnancy is so important for your unborn baby.

What Can Help Morning Sickness?

- Smells are the biggest trigger - Cold foods are tolerated best - Eating smaller meals frequently is super helpful

Here are some important things to remember when dealing with morning sickness:

Think of morning sickness as a form of Hypoglycemia. Your body is demanding so much energy than ever before. Therefore, you need to feed your body a constant supply of energy (food!).

Why does eating stop morning sickness?

Dry toast or bread Crackers Dry cereal Bananas Cold apple slices (Green apples are usually preferred because of their tartness) Bagels and cream cheese

Typically, bland foods and dry foods are the best foods!

Ginger ale Boost protein drink Watermelon Smoothies Crystallized ginger (anything with ginger, which is known for helping motion sickness, could be helpful with morning sickness as well)

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