Fun, Free Printable Bat Craft For Kids This Halloween

Are you looking for an easy Halloween craft that is great for kids of all ages? I have the perfect Halloween bat craft for you!

This easy Halloween craft is such a fun way to kick off the Halloween season and the best part is that it takes minimal prep.

Print out the craft background and bat craft template on white paper (thick paper like card stock works great).

Step 1

Cut out the bat craft template with all the pieces included. Remember, this part of the craft can be modified to fit your child’s age and abilities.

Step 2

The next step is laying out all of your pieces so your child can see all the parts of the bat craft template; this is a great strategy for kids of all ages.

Step 3

Gluing: The first thing your child will glue on is the gray pieces to the bat wings.

Step 4

After gluing on the gray pieces to the bat wings, gently fold the bat wings so that the wings have a curved shape to them (almost like an accordion). Younger children might need a little help with this part.

Step 5

The next step is similar to step 5.  You need to cut the rectangle strip in half on the dotted line.   The two sides will then be folded on the dotted line and will be used to give the bat wings a little bounce to look like they are flying.

Step 6

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