Free Printable Dinosaur Crafts For Some Dino Fun

Do you have little dinosaurs at home that like crafting? Then this easy dinosaur craft is for you! 

We are deep into the dinosaur obsession at my house and I am here for it! I love dinosaurs too and finding an easy craft that my son will love makes this mama heart so happy.

The best part about these dinosaur templates is that there are a ton of different ways to do this project and your child gets to choose!

This is a great one to color the whole dinosaur first before cutting out so that none of the little pieces get lost before the glueing stage!

Option #1- Stegosaurus

This is the easiest of the four to assemble, with only three pieces needing to be glued total, this is the simplest one to glue and cut.

Option #2- Pterodactyl

The trickiest part of assembling this dinosaur is the legs.  Start with the curved leg in the front and work your way backward when glueing.

Option #3- Brachiosaurus

This dinosaur does have three layers of gluing so laying out the parts in the order to glue might help younger ones!

Option #4- Triceratops

This dinosaur theme background is optional but adds a fun, realistic touch to this project. If your child wants to use this instead of construction paper, they will glue the dinosaur’s body directly to this paper.

Option #5- Optional Background

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