Free Printable Ice Cream Craft (Black and White and Pre-Colored!)

My kids love crafting, but honestly the whole thing kind of stresses me out.

My kids usually have these grand ideas and I NEVER have all of the supplies that they need or want. That’s why I started creating printable crafts for kids.

What I have for you is two different options so that your children can express themselves in different ways through art. If your child isn’t into coloring, but loves cutting and pasting, then the color version is for you.

Step #1 Print your free printable.

Printable Craft Steps

Cut out each of the elements carefully. Again, don’t do this for your kid if they are capable of doing it themselves!

Step #2

Color the cherry, ice cream scoops and ice cream cone with the medium of your choice.

Step #3

Paste the ice cream patterns onto the ombre paper, card stock or construction paper. For best results, I recommend using glue sticks as they are much easier than squeeze glue.

Step #4

Add optional embellishments such as glitter, pom poms or sprinkles! Or how about some of those foam balls that come with slime that get everywhere?

Step #5

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