Modern Free Printable Pregnancy Journal Template

Pregnancy is such a beautiful, crazy, and special time and you will want to document every bit of it! Good news- I have a free printable journal for you! 

It’s amazing how different each trimester is and how one month (or let’s be honest even one day) you may be craving tomatoes and the next minute you can’t stand them!

These are the little things you will want to remember and laugh over when your sweet baby is in your arms and you are thinking back to that first trimester when you couldn’t eat a single bite of food for weeks.

Pregnancy Journal Ideas

Writing in a journal throughout the three trimesters will help you remember all of the things you love about pregnancy.

Like when your pregnancy started to show, how you announced to your husband and also the not-so-great things like how water made you nauseous… WATER!

Tips when filling in your printable journal:

Fill in throughout each trimester (so much happens in one trimester and you don’t want to forget how you felt in week 6 vs. week 10).

Consider taking a bump picture each trimester for this journal.  It truly is amazing to see your tummy grow!

When you are filling in your journal, think about the small details you want to remember, and also the fun things you will want to share with that little bundle of joy that you are currently carrying!

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