160 Fun Questions To Ask Kids Of All Ages

Fun questions can be great conversation starters and really help your child use their imagination while creating meaningful conversations at the same time!

In addition to that, you get a little insight into how your little one’s mind works.

This is a fun win all around! Let us dive into the kinds of questions you can ask your son or questions you can ask your daughter, and then get more detailed from there!

Open Ended Questions

• Tell me about a time you had fun. • Tell me about your favorite cartoon character. • Tell me your favorite joke.

• Tell me about a time you learned about something new. • Tell me about a topic you have a lot of knowledge about. • Make up a word and tell me what it means.

Would You Rather Questions

• Would you rather have the ability to fly or teleport? • Would you rather play soccer or volleyball? • Would you rather have a time machine or live in a different time period forever?

• Would you rather have to wear a mermaid tail on your legs or a shark fin on your back? • Would you rather live in a city or a desert island? • Would you rather be a wizard or a superhero?

• Do you prefer cold weather or hot weather? • Do you like to go to the zoo or the aquarium? • Do you like chocolate or fruit candy better?

This Or That Questions

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