The Gassy Breastfed Baby- 7 Causes And 5 Solutions

Having a gassy breastfed baby is THE WORST. The problem is that your baby doesn’t know how to pass it. Your baby doesn’t even know what gas pains are!

I’m sure you might be feeling the same, as well as feeling extremely helpless because there’s nothing worse than your baby screaming in pain from gas.

Babies have immature digestive systems Unfortunately, some baby gas is completely normal and inevitable due to your baby’s developing digestive tract which is adjusting to digesting and processing food.

Why Is My Baby So Gassy?

My baby’s main gas issue was caused by the milk and soy proteins in my breastfeeding diet.

Your baby has a milk allergy/MSPI

Sometimes baby’s cry, apparently for no reason. When your baby cries, he inevitably swallows a large amount of air simultaneously, therefore becoming more gassy.

Excessive crying can lead to more gas

The Windii How creepy/ingenius is this?! But guess what? IT WORKS. I only wish that I had thought of it first.

Here are my top suggestions for baby gas relief:

Probiotics are live bacteria that help to provide a good balance of organisms within our digestive systems. There are many benefits to probiotics, even for babies.

Baby Probiotics

For my first baby, Colic Calm was a miracle. It’s super messy, but I didn’t care. It WORKED. As soon as I gave it to her, I audibly heard the gas bubbles moving through her body and then she would pass it.

Gripe Water For Gas Or Infant Gas Drops

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