150 Super Gross Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Would You Rather is one of my favorite games for so many reasons! First, it’s a game that can be done anywhere and is super fun and always makes kids laugh!

It makes for a great activity to pass time during a road trip, on a plane or even during a family dinner.

Kids will love these questions because they are so gross and might even make you wince, and you will get to be the cool parent asking your kid if they would rather eat a booger or lick their foot!

1. Would you rather eat your own booger or lick your own foot? 2. Would you rather have bad breath for the day or smell like rotten eggs for the day? 3. Would you rather eat fish ice cream or drink dirty water?

4. Would you rather drink sour milk or a full cup of lemon juice? 5. Would you rather fall into muddy water or ice cold water? 6. Would you rather hold a giant spider or touch a dead pigeon?

7. Would you rather eat an entire block of blue cheese or a handful of sand? 8. Would you rather hold a giant snake or a tarantula? 9. Would you eat a gallon of mayonnaise or taste earwax?

10. Would you rather have smelly feet for a week or smell like rotten fruit for a single day? 11. Would you rather have a tail or a third arm for the rest of your life?

12. Would you rather eat chocolate crickets or M & M’s filled with broccoli? 13. Would you rather have your hands covered in peanut butter or syrup all day?

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