Free Printable Halloween Guess Who For A Fun Holiday

Halloween is such a special and fun event for children and parents alike. The weather is getting cooler, there are amazingly spooky decorations everywhere, and the kids are ready for lots of treats!

Of course, no party is complete without some fun party games for the entire family! With so many games you can choose from, we have you covered with a Halloween twist on a classic fun game!

Each team or single player gets a game card. Each team or player should then choose one monster, but should not reveal the chosen monster to the other team. Now the game can begin!

How To Play Guess Who

Each team takes turns asking each other yes-or-no questions about their main character in order to narrow the selection down to a few or just one. Questions would usually be about the character’s appearance.

1. Does your character have two eyes? 2. Does your character have hair? 3.Is your character smiling? 4.Does your character wear a hat? 5.Does your character have three eyes?

Sample Questions To Ask

Halloween Guess Who Option #1

Halloween Guess Who Option #2

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