9 Simple Ways To Help Your Shy Child Gain Confidence

Does your child cling to you in social settings? Does he often complain of an upset stomach or headache when it’s time to be around other people? You can help your shy child gain confidence.

The good news is that with a little support, shy children can learn to be more engaged and connected. Consider these simple ways to develop your child’s confidence.

One of the best ways to teach your child to be confident is by modeling the skill. Set a positive example by being friendly to strangers, initiating conversations, and offering to help others.

Model confidence (and perseverance)

Instead, acknowledge the behavior and normalize it. You might say, “You know those butterfly feelings you get when you go to a party? Lots of people feel that way.”

Refrain from calling them “shy”

Many kids need time to get comfortable with new people and situations. And studies show that some shy children even grow out of it eventually.

Give them time

Start by talking about “friendly behaviors” that let people know we want to interact. These simple ideas might include: Smiling Saying “hi” Asking, “Can I play?”

Discuss how to initiate play

When your child pursues her interests, she’s naturally focused and engaged (and unself-conscious). Doing fun things lets your shy child bond with others in a pressure-free atmosphere.

Support their interests

There’s a difference between encouraging your child to overcome their discomfort and pushing them into uncomfortable situations. These scenarios include anything unexpected or without warning.

Don’t push it

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