How To Make Babies Laugh- 60 Things To Try

Every mom in the universe wants to know how to make babies laugh. Baby laughter is the best thing ever. We will act like complete idiots and utter fools for hours on end just for a chance to make our baby laugh.

Some babies laugh more easily than others. Both of my babies were (and I guess still are in some cases) quite serious. And when you have a serious baby, it makes you all the more determined to coax a laugh from your baby.

The majority of babies laugh out loud between the ages of 3 and 4 months old. However, it is also common for some babies to start laughing much later than that.

- Pinch baby’s rolls - Pretend to drop your baby

How To Make Babies Laugh

Put your hand in the air and wiggle your fingers as they get closer to baby’s face. Then you can gently cover your baby’s face with your hand or tap your baby’s nose with your finger.

- Play “So Big". Take your baby’s arms and lift them up and down while saying “so big!”.

- Get a Fisher Price Giggle Gang Toy– It is a plush toy that giggles when shaken or squeezed. - Tickle your baby - Chase your baby (if your baby is crawling) - Kiss your baby - Give your baby raspberries

- Make silly noises or silly faces- slurping sounds, animal sounds, etc. - Laugh yourself- It just might prompt a laugh from your baby - Pretend to bite your baby - Gently blow in your baby’s face, in baby’s hair or on baby’s belly

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