46 Of The Best Indoor Activities For 18 Month Olds

Does being stuck inside all day long with your 18 month old give you anxiety? I remember when my daughter when through the phase of taking out a bin of toys, dumping it, then moving on to the next bin. It’s exhausting!

Sometimes we need to know how to keep toddlers busy and from destroying the house.

So, whether it’s a rainy day, the cold winter months or or you simply can’t do any outdoor kid’s activities today, I hope this list of simple activities is helpful!

If you are cleaning, having your toddler help clean him from destroying the house. He can: – wash the floors, the cabinets, the table, etc with a rag and bucket of water. – put the dirty laundry into the washer

Have Your Child “Help” You

Make sure to keep books easily accessible in all areas of the house that your toddler frequents. Reading doesn’t only have to occur at night! And if your toddler asks to read his favorite book AGAIN?! Just do it!


You can use pillows, cushions, and chairs to build a fort that your child will hopefully play in for longer than it took you to assemble it.

Build A Fort

Ask your child to find random things around the house (and then put them back, of course!) Some ideas would be: find something red find two small toys

Play “Find The Object”

If you have the space, bring your toddler’s larger outdoor toys (not a full sized play set of course but the smaller larger things) inside for more energy-burning opportunities.

Bring Outdoor Toys Indoors

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