52 Indoor Activities For Kids

I am pretty sure we have all experienced the following: mother nature decided that today’s weather would prevent anyone from comfortably spending any time outside.  

The kids are bored and you all feel stir crazy. Luckily, we have come up with a list of items that will help you out! 

So whether it is raining cats and dogs, or it is so hot that everything is melting outside, you are armed with a list of fun that will keep the whole family entertained all day long!

Do An Easy Craft

Strive for simple enjoyment with common materials. If you are stuck, try out our free printables, like our ice cream craft or our equally fun dinosaur craft. All it takes is a piece of paper.

Play Hide And Seek In The Dark

This is a great way to get the whole family involved in a classic game that kids of all ages can enjoy! Pull out the flashlights and other glow-in-the-dark accessories and have fun!

Learn A New Dance

Push aside the furniture in the living room and boogie down!  Either have your kids teach you a new dance (which is sure to lead to many giggles!) or look up a dance tutorial that you can all learn.

Play A Board Game

Even if you only have a little space for indoor activities, a board game is the best way to make use of the space you do have.

Do A Puzzle

Everyone in the family can join in on this one! You can get your younger children to sort the pieces by the ones that have edges and the ones that will go in the middle of the puzzle.

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