A Huge List Of No-Prep Super Easy Outside Activities For Kids For A Stress-Free, Amazing, FUN Summer

Idea #1: Play follow the leader in the woods, the park, or in your backyard! It's a great way to get active.

Idea #2: Get competitive with relay races! - run backwards -crawl like a crab -jump like a frog -cartwheel

Idea #3: Create a chalk relay, complete with hopscotch, squiggles to follow, and circles to jump into.

Idea #4: Play Sock Tag Each player stuffs a sock in the back of their pants like a tale and the tagger needs to steal it.

Idea #5: Have a rock stacking competition and see who can build the highest stack without them falling over.

Idea #6:  Have a watermelon seed spitting contest. See which person can spit their seeds the farthest!