Inside Activities For High Energy Kids- 50 Ways To Burn Off Energy

For your own sanity as a parent, it is so important to have a list of go-to inside activities for high energy kids. You know, ways to burn off energy. Mounds and mounds of energy.

I turn to this list ALL THE TIME. When I don’t feel well and I need to keep my kids from crawling all over me (seriously, why does this happen?).

Raising a high energy child is exhausting, but it is so incredibly important. It can improve your child’s memory and actually increase the size of your child’s brain!

The lovely Jaime from Hands On As We Grow has a free 7-day indoor activity challenge. Jaime always comes up with quick, low-prep ways to get kid’s energy out indoors that I’ve never heard of before.

Do An Activity Challenge

We have a couple indoor games for kids: The Disney Junior Super Stretchy Game and the Dr. Seuss I Can Do That! Game. My kids love both of them. They are really fun physical games to play.

Play An Active Board Game

Leap frog will quickly raise your kid’s heart rates (and quickly tire them out for an earlier bedtime).

Leap Frog

I think dancing with my kids might be one of my most favorite ways to be active with them. The beauty of a spontaneous dance party is that it can be done anywhere and anytime!

Dance Party

You can make anything into indoor games for kids and your kids with love it. Even cleaning!

Cleaning Game

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